“Just let the lovin’ take ahold, ’cause it will if you let it. I’m funky, not a junkie, but I know where to get it.” ;)

No permitas que nadie destruya tus suenos. Tu vida esta en tus manos y en este mundo tu puedes hacer cualquier cosa que te propongas.

Sorry I haven’t had a chance to do much blogging lately. I’ve been so caught up in this fantasy that is life. This past week or so has been filled with so many magical moments worth getting caught up in.. You know, the kind of moments that you wish you could just stay in or at least keep a piece of forever..

Drinking cervezas at Cheesman Park (one of my favorite places) on a beautiful, warm night in Denver.. Getting caught in the pouring rain while running.. An amazing couple of meals with family and the kind of special support you only receive at home.. Enlightening moments with strangers.. Being on the receiving end of a selfless gift.. Wandering the People’s Fair with some of my most special, loved, and revered friends.. and oddly enough finding some courage and faith in my aspirations from these simple, yet unseemly profound moments..

On top of all of life’s little blessings, the notion of following my dreams has now amassed into something much bigger; much more powerful. It’s now a real vision; the blinding light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. I truly believe I’ve had an essential shift in perspective. Now, I know what I want for the future and I’m determined to achieve it. Often, I tend to be overly-passionate about my dreams and eventually exhaust myself in the pursuit. This time my objective is to balance this newly-attained sense of composure with the same force of conviction I am known for. At all times, the universe has provided me with that which I need; be it, food, support, or guiding inspiration. It is with the utmost gratitude and faith in this same universe that I feel propelled forward in bringing this idea from conception to fruition.

No matter what happens, it will be amazing and I’m so excited to share the journey with all of you beautiful kindred souls.

<3 missmanagingxo


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