Exploring My Own Backyard: Garden of The Gods

<3 missmanagingxo


24 thoughts on “Exploring My Own Backyard: Garden of The Gods

  1. Garden of the Gods is one of my favorite spots. I was sent to Colorado Springs for a work realted trip several years ago and just enjoyed the Garden of the Gods and nearby environment so much I later returned on a vacation. Thanks for posting. They are great shots.

    1. Hey! I went about two weeks ago. It was a little chilly, but it was not too overcrowded, so that was nice. And the fall colors were just starting to come in, I bet if you go now there will be some beautiful colors for taking pics :)

    1. I bet it was awesome climbing there! I saw a bunch of climbers when I went and it really made me want to try outdoor climbing. I’ve lived in CO my whole life and I’ve only ever climbed in the gym lol

  2. Such an eye for beauty. Gorgeous shots! It’s been years since I’ve been down in those parts. Last time was on a snowboarding trip…but what else would you expect from your average Canadian ;)

  3. I’ve been reading about this place for weeks, how lovely to see it from your perspective. Can’t wait to experience it firsthand when I get out to Colorado! Thanks for posting these :)

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