Apartment Therapy January Cure – Cure #1

I’ve been unemployed for the last month, so I’ve been spending a lot of extra time in my apartment. I’ve realized there are a few things I’ve been putting off doing, like cleaning, and decorating… and cleaning. I was always too busy. Now, with the extra time on my hands though, it’s like these things are nagging me to take care of them.

“Remember me? The towel bar that won’t stay up… I’m still here driving you crazy, giiiirrrl.”

It’s time to take action! That’s why Apartment Therapy’s January Cure caught my attention — 21 assignments to a “cleaner, fresher, more organized home, guaranteed!” I’m definitely at the point of needing some assistance with my apartment quandaries, so I decided to take on the Cure and am going to try to complete all of the assignments.

I’m still struggling to find energy for the second challenge… cleaning ALL of my floors, but the first assignment to pick up some flowers, or a plant, was right up my alley. I got both!

The extra color around the house from the flowers has become a reminder to do something small for my house everyday. I may not have conquered the floors just yet, but I have cleaned out my closet and donated enough old stuff to fill my car up twice.

After the floors, the next assignment is to make a list of all the projects I want to do around the house. I have a feeling my list is going to be a little ambitious, but I’m excited to invest some time into my place and finally start making it feel like my home.

  • Project #1 — New Home Office! (So I can finally start making websites somewhere other than in bed.)

Wish me luck getting through the rest of the Cure!

Is anyone else out there participating? How did your first couple of challenges go?

dig it.

<3 missmanagingxo


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